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Yoga: Secret To Lasting Weight Loss

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that endeavours to harmonize the body and mind through yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation. Yoga offers multiple benefits, including stronger and flexible body, muscle toning and stress relief, improving overall health and well-being. The greatest benefit of this ancient practise is that it offers lasting weight loss. Yoga poses increase mindfulness, which helps in making diet changes and elimination of unhealthy habits, towards a healthy lifestyle habit a natural choice.

Practicing yoga regularly definitely builds strength, but to achieve weight loss it’s vital to choose the right type of yoga. Athletic Vinyasa yoga styles – like power yoga, hot yoga or ashtanga yoga – offering vigorous workout are more likely to successfully shed the pounds. Gentle yoga like Hatha yoga are more likely to provide relaxation and in improving overall wellbeing, than to lose calories.

How to lose weight through yoga

Regular practice of yoga provides relaxation, strengthens the body and also helps to lose weight. However, weight loss through yoga postures is a combination of various factors, including making healthy lifestyle changes, practising the right type of yoga and mindfulness practice.

Here is a brief on the secret to lasting weight loss.

Healthy lifestyle habits

Practitioners of yoga can attain lasting weight loss only on adopting the right mental frame. Weight loss can be simplified into a balance between the calorie intake with the calorie burnt by expending energy. It implies, incorporating positive lifestyle habits to the extent that such choices become second nature. A healthier lifestyle includes, adding yoga to the fitness routine, eating balanced nutritious food and getting ample restful sleep at night. It also involves gradual elimination of harmful habits like smoking and munching on junk food, and reducing intake of alcohol and other substances. People who lose weight gradually due to positive changes in lifestyle are likely to successfully keep it off, than those who just take to targeted physical exercises to get into shape.

Vinyasa Yoga

The type of yoga you practice plays a dominant role when it comes to weight loss. Most yoga styles will burn calories, improve muscle tone and relax the body & mind. Beginners can start with gentle yoga, providing slow & gentle stretching postures. Vinyasa yoga is an athletic style, requiring vigorous workout, and are great for burning calories. Vinyasa sessions typically start with Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar), which is a series of fast-paced poses, followed by standing poses that keeps the body moving. When the body warms up, deeper poses like backbends and advanced stretches are practised. Vinyasa yoga includes power yoga, ashtanga yoga and hot yoga. These yoga styles are the popular, sweat producing yoga styles, usually practised at yoga studios. The practitioners follow a series of set poses, ranging from standing to sitting, requiring fast movements. Gentle yoga (mostly known as Hatha yoga), burns fewer calories, and is more dedicated to self-care – connecting mind, body & soul through meditative relaxations. For weight loss, the right style of yoga will focus on burning calories and building lean muscles, leading to faster weight loss.  

Practice mindfulness

Yoga has a holistic approach towards weight loss. Meditative yoga sessions enlighten the mind, promoting decisions based on reality that serves the ultimate goal, and not just ego-feeding unhealthy choices. Yoga postures increase mindfulness, connecting the body to the inner self. Regular practise of yoga, enhances image of the self and improves sense of well-being. It teaches you to listen to your body to understand the real reason behind cravings for high-calorie junk food that provide temporary mood boost. Practising mindfulness tunes the body to the mind, encouraging you to deal with anxiety, stress or depression the right way.

Yoga is a holistic practice that curbs food cravings and helps to optimize the benefits of a workout. It enables the body and mind to be fully present in the moment, supporting weight loss, that too lasting weight loss. 

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