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Dry Skin Brushing: Step by Step Guide

Dry skin brushing is exactly what it says – brushing of the skin in your body with a dry brush. The brushing movement is directed towards the heart – starting from feet and hands, gradually moving to the center of the body. It’s usually done before shower. The practice of dry skin brushing removes dead skin cells, dirt and opens pores; supports movement of lymphatic fluids; and leaves you energised. Many people have claimed that dry brushing reduces cellulite, but there are no researches to back the claim. Dry skin brushing is a good practise as it makes skin soft and uplifts the mood. Besides there are no side effects, so why not indulge in some self-care.

Benefits of dry skin brushing

Regular dry brushing will leave your skin smoother and you will definitely enjoy your selfcare moments before a shower.

Here are some benefits of dry brushing.

Improves lymphatic circulation

The lymphatic system is made up of organs, lymph nodes, lymph ducts and lymph vessels, which constitute an important part of the immune system. Many lymph vessels are just under the skin. Brushing them with light strokes stimulate the normal flow within the lymph, helping your body to detoxify itself.

Exfoliates and clears pores

Dry brushing helps to loosen up and remove dead skin cells. The firm strokes of a natural bristled brush effectively reduce skin dryness and even softens skin. Facial skin brushing removes, dirt, oil and residues from skin pores. Small and gentle brushes are used on face for soft skin and to reduce appearance of pores.

Natural boost in energy

Dry skin brushing improves circulation and gives a natural boost in energy. So, it’s often recommended to indulge in dry bushing in the morning before shower.

Step-by-step guide to dry brush the skin

Dry brushing is done on naked skin, usually before a shower. It can be done every day.

Follow these basic dry brushing techniques to get maximum benefit from the practice.

Get the right brush

Select a natural bristle brush that is stiff but not scratchy on the skin. A boar bristle brush has the right texture for beginners. For advanced dry brushers the ionic copper fibers are a good option, as they help to detoxify the body.

Master the strokes

Try and see what type of brush movements work for you. First timers should start with gentle strokes, while applying medium pressure. Long strokes are the best to move the lymph fluids, using rhythmic strokes with a gentle hand. The entire body has to be covered, that too more than once.

Start from the feet and move upwards

Start brushing from the feet to lower legs and work upwards towards knees and legs. The brush strokes should be directed towards the chest, where the lymph fluids enter the blood stream. The idea is to follow the circulatory system. 

Work towards the center

A good thumb rule of dry skin brushing is to brush towards the cental part of the body. Just like the legs, for the hands start brushing from the palms, moving up the arms and towards the chest. Work out on the upper and lower back as well, following the rule of brushing towards the center of the body.

Stomach and armpits

Use circular movements in clockwise direction for the stomach and armpits. Pay extra attention to the armpits as the lymph nodes are located here.

Face and neck

Facial skin is very delicate and requires gentle care. So, use a delicate face brush to buff off the dead skin cells, and to clear pores of oil and dirt. Follow downward stroke towards the heart, for neck and throat. Complete with circular movements at the heart. 

End with shower

End the dry brushing session with a shower to wash away the dislodged dead skin. Avoid scrubbing or using a loofah after dry brushing. Moisturize right after the shower, while skin is damp, to lock water in the skin.

Dry skin brushing, like any other skincare routine, works and shows results only when it’s followed diligently for some weeks. Dry brushing is not a cure for all skin problems, but it will definitely leave your skin smoother and softer. Enjoy it as a self-care routine that you deserve every day.

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