WELL Health-Safety Rating

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WELL Health-Safety Ratings For Facilities

International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) has recently introduced the WELL Health-Safety Rating, prioritizing human health and safety in post-COVID environment and beyond. The WELL Health-Safety Rating is an evidence-based rating system (verified by a third party) for all new and existing facilities. Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) provides third party verification of policies, protocols and strategies of facilities, instilling confidence among stakeholders. Ratings are attributed to facilities based on their operational policies, maintenance protocols, emergency plans and stakeholder education – focused on addressing the COVID-19 environment, and the health & safety of the occupants. RMZ Corp and Yankee Stadium are some of the first facilities to attain the WELL Health-Safety Rating.

WELL Health-Safety Ratings is adapted to the features of WELL Building Standard (WELL), which provides green certification to buildings and projects. WELL Health-Safety Rating has been devised as a guidance to businesses (both large and small) regarding measures that needs to be adopted, prioritizing the health and safety of their staff and other stakeholders. It’s designed as an annual process, ensuring sustained efforts supportive to the health and safety of individuals.

Who can get WELL Health-Safety Rating?

All types of facilities are eligible for the WELL Health-Safety seal. Offices, sports & entertainment facilities, movie theatres, hotels & resorts, restaurants, educational institutes, retail & grocery stores, manufacturing units and even multi-family occupied buildings can pursue the WELL Health-Safety Rating. Only single-family homes are outside the purview of WELL Health-Safety Rating. Facilities that meet IWBI’s standards get WELL Health-Safety Rated and are awarded a WELL Health-Safety seal for the year. The seal is a symbol of leadership in facilities operations and management and works towards instilling confidence and trust in the occupants as well as the community.

Attributes of WELL Health-Safety Rating

Operational policies – Adopt policies and procedures that facilitate the health and safety of occupants at the workplace or space.

Maintenance protocols – Implement protocols for management and maintenance of the facility that reduces the risks of transmitting infectious diseases.

Emergency plans – Develop emergency plans & protocols, designed to help the occupants of the building or facility.

Stakeholder education and engagement – Establish a system for regular communication, education and signage focused on updating information and activities for the benefit of occupants and the broader community.

How to go about it?

The journey to WELL Health-Safety Rating is an ongoing process that involves simple, step-by-step procedure.


The first step to get a WELL Health-Safety Rating is to sign-up after careful review of the criteria.


Select the features that are most relevant to your facility and work towards meeting the standards for the WELL Health-Safety Rating.


Submit your documents for third-party verification by GBCI, which confirms that your facility meets the specific features required to get the seal.


WELL Health-Safety seal is awarded to your facility by WELL Building Standard. Promote your achievement to instill confidence and trust in the occupants.


Demonstrate your commitment to health and safety of the community and occupants of the facility by applying for your annual seal. It confirms your commitment to upholding operation policies, maintenance protocols, emergency plans and stakeholder education in the facility.

Why WELL Health-Safety Rating matters for facilities?

WELL Health-Safety Rating has been created in response to the COVID 19 and consists of policies and strategies to mitigate spread of the disease. The ratings are to be done on facility management and operation based on specific criteria. WELL outlines certain standards in cleaning and sanitization procedures; health service resources; emergency preparedness; management of air and water quality; and stakeholder education program. Achievement of the standards will get the WELL Health-Safety seal for your facility. The seal enables facilities to reopen with confidence, while creating trust among stakeholders, who are likely to view the space as being safe and healthy.

WELL Health-Safety seal can be displayed in every facility that has earned the rating. It’s an indication that the space is safe and adequate measures are in place as precaution, supportive of the health of occupants and the larger community in the post COVID-19 world.

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